Sherman & Tingle
Weekdays 5:30am - 9am

Sherman & Tingle wake up Chicago with their unique brand of humor, insight and of course great Classic Rock. Weekdays from 5:30 til 9 on The Drive.

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Bob Stroud
Weekdays 9am - 2pm

An acknowledged music junkie, Stroud’s non-radio musical past includes playing his grandmother’s Perry Como 78’s on her Victrola in 1957; buying his first four 45’s in 1962; getting his first transistor radio in 1963; buying “Meet the Beatles” in 1964; and fronting an 11-piece rock and R&B band called Rockestra from 1990 – 2000.

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Steve Seaver
Weekdays 2pm - 7pm

Steve Seaver hosts afternoons on The Drive as well as The Drive’s Deep Tracks on our HD-2 station.

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Phil Manicki
Weekdays 7pm - Midnight

“If Phil wasn’t in radio?” He would be a pool boy in Cabo San Lucas.

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Greg Easterling
Weekdays Midnight - 5:30am

Greg’s near lifelong interest in rock ‘n roll radio began in 1967 while listening to WLS and WCFL. He also started scanning the local FM dial for “underground radio” shows like…

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Steve Downes
Weekends - The Classics

Steve spent 10 years hosting the nationally syndicated Rockline. Rockline provided Steve with incredible opportunities: playing a wicked tambourine live on-air with Little Feat, hosting the first live radio interview with all five members of the reunited Eagles and the night he welcomed the return of Page and Plant, live and nationwide.

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