Bad Company Again

We began our final week of Overnight Album Sides for 2012 with an alltime classic, Bad Company’s self titled debut from 1974.

Today is the birthday of Paul Rodgers whose voice remains one of the most memorable in classic rock beginning with Free and their timeless classic “All Right Now”. Paul “moved on” to form Bad Company with Free’s drummer Simon Kirke, joining with guitarist Mick Ralphs and bassist Boz Burrell.

It’s also worth noting that Led Zeppelin thought enough of Bad Company to make them the first band(other than themselves of course)to be signed to their Swan Song Records imprint. And after both bands were finished, Rodgers teamed up with Jimmy Page in The Firm for several albums. This morning though, it was all about Bad Company and Side 2 from their classic debut featuring the scene setting title track/signature song plus “Movin’ On” and the acoustic gem, “Seagull” to end the album.

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