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Downes_bioWith over 35 years experience, Steve Downes is a national rock ‘n’ roll radio icon. Steve’s on-air delivery and vast music knowledge not only protects 97.1 FM The Drive’s creed of “Respect The Music”, but also furthers it.

Steve hosted several nationally syndicated radio shows and specials in the ’80s, including The Superstar Concert Series, and in the ’90s was host of the award winning weekly live call in show, Rockline. Rockline provided Steve with incredible opportunities: playing a wicked tambourine live on-air with Little Feat, hosting the first live radio interview with all five members of the reunited Eagles and the night he welcomed the return of Page and Plant, live and nationwide.

In addition to being heard on a number of national TV & Radio commercials, video game fanatics will also recognize Steve as the voice of “Master Chief” from the incredibly successful HALO X-Box game series.

Steve is the host of the morning show on 97.1 FM The Drive, and every Sunday night he brings us his nationally syndicated show, The Classics. The Classics spotlights different artists, and presents them in a way that brings back the memories and feelings sparked by the greatest rock ‘n roll music ever made. The Classics airs every Sunday, 9p-11p.

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