Cold Hard Cash

Winter in Chicago can be COLD. It can be HARD.
But 97.1 The Drive knows what will make it more tolerable…CASH!

It’s The Drive’s COLD HARD CASH! Listen weekday mornings at 8:15 to Sherman & Tingle for the “Arctic Artist of the Day.” When you hear a song by that artist during your workday between 9am-5pm, be caller 97 to 312-642-WDRV (9378) to score some COLD HARD CASH!

A Flurry of one song by that artist is worth $100, a Squall of two tunes equals $200, a Blizzard of 3 songs in a row nets you $500 and a Whiteout or 4 tunes in a row pays you $1,000!

It’s a “Lake Effect Fortune” of free money from 97.1 The Drive!

Click here for official rules.

Friday - March 10, 2017
VAN HALEN-    Approximate Times: 9:19a, 11:09a, 12:20p, 3:21p and 4:13p
Thursday - March 9, 2017
JIMI HENDRIX-    Approximate Times: 9:20a, 1:04p, 3:19p and 4:20p
Winners: George Masznicz of S. Milwaukee ($200), Bernice Barnick of LaGrange ($200), Richard Murphy of Carpentersville ($1,000) and Rob Rocha of Grayslake ($200)!
Wednesday - March 8, 2017
EAGLES-    Approximate Times: 11:00am, 12:47pm, 3:00pm and 4:36pm
Winners: Sheena Hargus of Oak Lawn ($500), Cindy O'Malley of Burr Ridge ($500), Todd Kramer of Racine ($500) and Griffin McGuire of Joliet ($500)!
Tuesday - March 7, 2017
TOM PETTY-    Approximate Times: 9:16am, 11:00am, 1:04pm, 3:46pm and 4:34pm
Winners: Dean Beyer of Antioch ($100), Enes Vince Carver of Summit ($500), John Slager of Lansing ($100), Ken Drinkwine of Beach Park ($1,000) and Sandy Warren of Sandwich ($100)!
Monday - March 6, 2017
ROLLING STONES-    Approximate Times: 9:29am, 12:26pm, 3:09pm and 4:35pm
Winners: Oscar Trevino of Hammond, IN ($100), Diann Jellissen of Markham ($200), Jeanne Dietrich of Palatine ($1,000) and Hayden Winfield of Hammond, IN ($100)!
Friday - March 3, 2017
AC/DC-    Approximate Times: 9:00am, 12:28pm and 4:19pm
Winners: Chris Volante of Tinley Park ($200), Francisco Ocana of Oak Lawn ($500) and Mike Steiner of Naperville ($1,000)!
Thursday - March 2, 2017
THE DOORS-    Approximate Times: 9:17am, 11:00am, 12:18pm, 1:20pm, 3:00pm and 4:28pm
Winners: Scott Snarski at Libertyville ($500), Chaz Schroeder of Racine, WI ($200), Richard Flament of Beach Park ($200), Mike Murphy of Shorewood ($500), Kim Navis of Racine, WI $($200) and Lorene Ward of Crown Point, IN ($500)!
Wednesday - March 1, 2017
FLEETWOOD MAC-    Approximate Times: 9:29am, 11:08am, 12:26pm, 3:00pm and 4:49pm
Winners: Jessica Teuthorn of McHenry ($100), Kathy Laubinger of Genoa City, WI ($100), Jack Gonzales of Chicago ($100), Richard Sabynicz of Ingleside ($1,000) and Ron Richardson of Chicago ($500)!
Tuesday - February 28, 2017
THE BEATLES-    Approximate Times: 1:00pm, 3:00pm and 4:18pm
Winners: Joe Colletti of Crete ($1,000), Gladys Dejesus of Chicago ($1,000) and Nancy Wojtowicz of Twin Lakes, WI ($1,000)!
Monday - February 27, 2017
FOREIGNER-    Approximate Times: 9:14am, 12:31pm, 2:44pm, 3:59pm
Winners: Kurt Cooney of Chicago ($200), William Martsolf of Chicago ($200), Cynthia Peters of Mt. Pleasant, WI ($200) and Pam Bloomquist of Sheldon ($1,000)!
Friday - February 24, 2017
BOSTON-    Approximate Times: 10:52am, 12:22pm, 3:19pm and 4:30pm
Winners: Tim Spear of Round Lake Beach ($100), Michael Peat of Island Lake ($200), Jay Small of Chicago ($1,000) and Jerry Muntges of Bartlett ($100)!
Thursday - February 23, 2017
LYNYRD SKYNYRD-    Approximate Times: 9:00am, 11:23am, 1:09pm, 3:03pm and 4:18pm
Winners: Brian Kelley of Gurnee ($500), John Nuccio of Glenview ($500), Haydee Schrader of Cicero ($100), Brian Reilly of Naperville ($100) and Scott Hamilton of Schaumburg ($1,000)!
Wednesday - February 22, 2017
QUEEN-    Approximate Times: 11:22am, 12:51pm, 2:00pm, 3:22pm and 4:48pm
Winners: Laura Mueller of Oak Forest ($1,000), Trent Callo of Lake Zurich ($200),Laurie Wail of Dyer, IN ($200), Tom Larsen of Kenosha, WI ($1,000) and Judy Navigar of Des Plaines ($200)!
Tuesday - February 21, 2017
JOURNEY-    Approximate Times: 9:25am, 12:31pm, 3:00pm and 4:19pm
Winners: Dennis Zajac of Crestwood ($200), Greg Anderle of Sturtevant, WI ($200), Jim Ulbricht of Burbank ($500) and Dennis Parma of Chicago ($1,000)!
Monday - February 20, 2017
AEROSMITH-    Approximate Times: 11:18am, 1:21pm, 3:21pm and 4:27pm
Winners: Steve Regovic of Chicago ($500), Carole Twomey of Westchester ($100), Kathy Kring of Park City ($1,000) and Mike Kowal of Frankfort ($500)!
Friday - February 17, 2017
THE POLICE-    Approximate Times: 9:10am, 12:31pm, 3:21pm and 4:46pm
Winners: Catherine Woolery of Highland, IN ($1,000), Dave Benson of Elk Grove Village ($200), Jake Harris of Lockport ($1,000) and Ed Short of Evergreen Park ($1,000)!
Thursday - February 16, 2017
STEVE MILLER BAND-    Approximate Times: 11:04am, 12:47pm, 3:00pm and 4:46pm
Winners: Kyle Goers of Morton Grove ($200), Rose Thompson of Aurora ($500), Lissa Cooper of Roselle ($1,000) and Don Renguette of Racine, WI ($200)!
Wednesday - February 15, 2017
LED ZEPPELIN-    Approximate Times: 9:08am, 11:42am, 3:24pm and 4:15pm
Winners: Ashley Nummer of Schaumburg ($100), Rick Vinyard of Hammond, IN ($1,000), Dave Arts of Hobart, IN ($200) and Jessica Minott of Wheaton ($1,000)!
Tuesday - February 14, 2017
HEART-    Approximate Times: 9:16am, 11:22am, 3:04pm and 4:27pm
Winners: Gale Shirley of Steger ($200), Pete Campagnolo of Palos Hills ($200), Dave Gralewski of Chicago ($200) and Char Carlson of Wheatfield ($1,000)!
Monday - February 13, 2017
THE WHO-    Approximate Times: 10:57am, Noon, 1:27pm, 3:00pm and 4:26pm
Winners: Jim Fogerty of Lansing ($100), Ray Benz of Algonquin ($500), Bunny Higgins of Aurora ($100), Shawn Askounis of Wauconda ($200) and Steve Feilen of Steger ($500)!
Friday - February 10, 2017
TOM PETTY-    Approximate Times: 11:00am, 1:19pm, 3:00pm and 4:48pm
Winners: Ray Devries of Kenosha, Wi ($500), Jeff Amann of Zion ($200), Russ Ivy of Trevor, WI ($500) and Sue Gracz of Manhattan ($200)!
Thursday - February 9, 2017
AC/DC-    Approximate Times: 9:10am, 11:04am, 12:34pm, 3:25pm and 4:45pm
Winners: Mike Koza of Calumet City ($200), Jennifer Duminie of Lansing ($200), Ron Majchrowski of Shorewood ($200), Marilynn Gravning of Greendale, WI ($1,000) and John Ignoffo of Johnsburg ($200)!
Wednesday - February 8, 2017
FLEETWOOD MAC-    Approximate Times: 9:23am, 12:28pm, 2:05pm, 3:08pm and 4:18pm
Winners: Leslie Stinson of Libertyville ($100), Dan Pfeiffer of Woodridge ($100), Debra Wolf of Antioch ($100), Fran Nystrom of Chicago ($100) and John Pizarek of Crystal Lake ($1,000)!
Tuesday - February 7, 2017
VAN HALEN-    Approximate Times: 11:22am, 1:03pm, 3:21pm and 4:48pm
Winners: Steve Malko of Kenosha ($200), Justin Miller of Villa Park ($200), Diann Jellissen of Markham ($200) and Wendy Fulton ($1,000)!
Monday - February 6, 2017
JIMI HENDRIX-    Approximate Times: 9:22am, 12:10pm, 3:09pm and 4:23pm
Winners: Sheri Ciliak of Naperville ($100), Pete Decker of Racine, WI ($100), Mike Geisler of Downers Grove ($100) and Clara Rivera of Hammond, IN ($1,000)!
Friday - February 3, 2017
EAGLES-    Approximate Times: 9:43am, 11:12am, 12:09pm, 1:22pm, 2:10pm, 3:08pm and 4:22pm
Winners: Chris Wnek of Michigan City, IN ($100), Rhonda Majot of Chicago ($100), Michael Domino of Genoa City, WI ($100), Mark Gabala of Burbank ($100), Mike Rempala of Racine, WI ($100), Jim Boehm of Skokie ($100) and John Kelley of Waukegan ($500)!
Thursday - February 2, 2017
CCR-    Approximate Times: 9:09am, Noon, 3:30pm and 4:38pm
Winners: Jen Thomas of Sturtevant, WI ($100), Linda Zoller of Mokena ($1,000), Darlene Whyte of Mokena ($200) and Josh Beeter of Fox Lake ($100)!
Wednesday - February 1, 2017
STYX-    Approximate Times: 9:15am, 12:18pm, 3:21pm and 4:50pm
Winners: Renee Vesely of Elmhurst ($100), Irind Gibour of Lake Bluff ($200), Sharon Larson of Fox River Grove ($1,000) Steve Brunnelson of Racine, WI ($200)!
Tuesday - January 31, 2017
ROLLING STONES-    Approximate Times: 11:09am, 12:20pm, 1:04pm, 3:28pm and 4:18pm
Winners: Mike Sprouse of Beech Park ($100), Ted Karp of Westchester ($100), Joe Canouds of Lindenhurst ($200), Yolanda Krueger of Kenosha ($100) and Sue Moran of Lockport ($1,000)!
Monday - January 30, 2017
BOSTON-    Approximate Times: 9:19am, 11:05am, 12:29pm, 2:14pm, 3:08pm and 4:48pm
Winners: Al Kallerud of McHenry ($100), Melissa Buckley of Kankakee ($500), Sherry Snider of Walkerton, IN ($100), John LaMacchia of Racine, WI ($100), Joanne Staples of New Lenox ($100) and Dennis Taber of McHenry ($500)!
Friday - January 27, 2017
LYNYRD SKYNYRD-    Approximate Times: 9:17am, 11:07am, 12:20pm, 1:10pm, 2:05pm, 3:04pm and 4:27pm
Winners: John Perez of Racine, WI ($100), Pat Kulik of La Grange Park ($100), Jeff Ispas of Munster, IN ($200), John Ferguson of Ingleside ($100), Joanne Stecher of Woodstock ($100), Vince Stevens of Villa Park ($200) and Deb Kessel of Harvard ($200)!
Thursday - January 26, 2017
BOB SEGER-    Approximate Times: 11:21am, 1:07pm, 3:06pm and 4:20pm
Winners: John Lee of Kenosha, WI ($200), Lisa Wendt of Huntley ($200), Allison Wehrs of Hampshire ($200) and Paul Lackner of Chicago ($1,000)!
Wednesday - January 25, 2017
LED ZEPPELIN-    Approximate Times: 11:00am, 12:17pm, 2:19pm, 3:00pm and 4:56pm
Winners: Frank Mead of Algonquin ($200), Ann Haefke of Arlington Heights ($500), Kelly Howard of Kenosha, WI ($100), Merry Potthast of Kenosha, WI ($500) and Lynn Badamo of Antioch ($100)!
Tuesday - January 24, 2017
FOREIGNER-    Approximate Times: 9:32am, 11:09am, 12:08pm, 1:20pm, 2:21pm, 3:07pm and 4:25pm
Winners: Donna Logisz of Chicago ($100), Roseann Murphy of Carpentersville ($100), Anita Pucci of Elk Grove Village ($100), Marna Newport of Kenosha, WI ($100), Beverly Barnett of Hebron ($100), Bob Wellinski of LaPorte, IN ($100), and Robin Hammar of Hobart, IN ($500)!
Monday - January 23, 2017
THE DOORS-    Approximate Times: 9:32am, 11:09am, Noon, 2:17pm, 3:18pm and 4:36pm
Winners: Therese Czarnecki of Homer Glen ($100), Oscar Mann of Berwyn ($100), Val Lorusso of Sandwich ($500), Beth Rihatek of Fox Lake ($100), Tim Anderson of Morris ($200) and Bonnie Walz of Waukegan ($200)!
Friday - January 20, 2017
QUEEN-    Approximate Times: 9:13am, 11:49am, 3:00pm and 4:47pm
Winners: Mike Kohlndorfer of Chicago ($200), Sherry Neuens of Monee ($200), Robert Buck of Porter ($1,000) and Laura Bowerman of Chicago ($200)!
Thursday - January 19, 2017
THE BEATLES-    Approximate Times: 11:08am, 12:20pm, 1:10pm, 2:12pm, 3:21pm and 4:25pm
Winners: Rich Maag of Lake In The Hills ($100), Cindy Blasek of Schaumburg ($200), Bill Bauer of Bourbonnais ($100), Merrily LaPlace of Grant Park ($100), Ann Watry of Gurnee ($200) and Dan Dankert of W. Dundee ($1,000)!
Wednesday - January 18, 2017
AEROSMITH-    Approximate Times: 9:10am, 11:35am, 1:04pm, 3:00pm and 4:47pm
Winners: Jackie O'Connor of Racine ($200), Todd Schichner of Chicago ($100), Denise Von Ogden of Cary ($200), Peggy Holcomb of Oak Creek ($500) and Jason Kostopoulos of Woodstock ($500)!
Tuesday - January 17, 2017
BAD COMPANY-    Approximate Times: 9:17am, 12:30pm, 3:00pm and 4:43pm
Winners: Kim Bowman of Lake Station ($100), Lawrence McDevitt of Calumet City ($200), Barbara Pszczola of Berwyn ($200) and Alan Lindner of Countryside ($1,000)!