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Your Sherman and Tingle Daily Dose

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Sherman and Tingle don’t agree on much, including the setting on their Sleep Number beds. It’s a battle between #35 and #100 and there’s no meeting in the middle.

Tingle claims that he bought security camera’s to protect his expensive Halloween decorations. But is there an ulterior motive? What kind of person buys a security camera to protect Halloween decorations? Does it have something to do with his daughter hanging out with boys? Sherman sets out to find the answers.

Tingle and 6 callers decide the numbers that Tingle will pick for tonight’s lottery. If it’s a winning ticket, he’ll graciously split the money with all 6 callers. Don’t say we never did anything for ya.

WOW WASN’T THAT ECLIPSE SO underwhelming? Did we miss something? What was everyone so excited about? Why did I stock up on milk and bread and hide in my basement?
Sherman and Tingle explore yesterday’s cosmic event and scratch their heads listening to other people’s amazement.

Tingle discusses Spandex bike shorts and experiences emotions ranging from angry to really angry. One caller named Gary calls him stupid, etc.

Last night Sherman seeks refuge in a Hooters by himself. Now Tingle, his so called friend and work companion turns against him, mocking him right to his face.

Sherman and Tingle try the 360 Tilt and seriously aren’t even scared

Theo Epstein should call our show

Tonight’s jackpot is 364 million and Sherman & Tingle have almost as many thoughts on the subject

Tingle’s got moves

Sherman conducts an in depth investigation to find out which Drive DJ left their nail clippers in the studio

Tingle tries to distract Producer Jill while she’s doing traffic

James Brown gives us the “weather report” emphasis on the quotation marks

A sneak peak at the raw emotion involved in making Drive Grand Slam videos

Sherman bowls his best game ever

An interview with Blanch, a Barry Manilow superfan and an open book that nobody really wants to read.

The shortest interview ever recorded with Nicholas Cage

Sherman and Tingle’s Classic/Cinco De Mayo Remix

Your Old School Prom Playlist!

  1. How Deep is Your Love – Bee Gees
  2. Sunglasses at Night – Corey Hart
  3. Open Arms – Journey
  4. Color My World – Chicago
  5.  Always and Forever – Heatwave
  6. Hold onto the Night – Richard Marx
  7. These Dreams – Heart
  8. The Best of Times – Styx
  9. Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin
  10. Don’t You Forget About Me – Simple Minds
  11. I Remember You – Skid Row
  12. Never Say Goodbye – Bon Jovi

 An on-air fight regarding iPhone chords

The time Sherman and Tingle called too early and woke up the late Charlie Murphy

Sherman and Tingle end up in jail?

Sherman and Tingle’s insult battle

Forcing others to sing on the el after The Cubs parade

Cubs fans during The World Series

Tingle shoves an entire Poptart into his mouth and is very proud

Whistling in the office, annoying co-workers