History of E.C.

We spotlighted one of the subjects of our Thursday Artist Portrait Double Feature– Eric Clapton with a side from an early best of collection, History of Eric Clapton, a two record set, released in 1972. It’s a good overview of Clapton’s work up to that point with selected cuts from Derek and The Dominoes, Cream, Blind Faith, The Yardbirds, and John Mayall, among others.

It was also a best selling, Top Ten album that kept Clapton’s name in public view during a dark period when he was sidelined by a serious substance abuse problem. Interestingly, this record never made the transition to the CD format, overshadowed by later Best of Clapton collections, leaving it as a vinyl only release.

We went with Side 3 today which starts out with the other subject of our Thursday Artist Portrait, Steve Winwood singing and Eric on guitar with Blind Faith, followed by a pair of live cuts from Delaney and Bonnie and Friends featuring E.C. After that it was a short instrumental that Eric recorded with saxophonist King Curtis and finally “Blues Power” from Eric’s first solo album. The late Delaney Bramlett plays on every cut on Side 3 with the exception of the opening Blind Faith song, “Sea Of Joy”.