Janis Joplin Remembered

Today is Janis Joplin’s birthday. She was born down in Port Arthur, Texas on the Gulf Coast back in the 1940’s. Janis became one of the most important singers in rock history after emerging in the mid Sixties as part of the San Francisco Sound with the band Big Brother And The Holding Company.

By 1970, her last year alive, Janis was solo and working on what would be her final studio album, Pearl. Even though she died during the recording of this album, she was able to give enough to make her finest record. The final track on Side 1, “Buried Alive In The Blues”, written by onetime Chicagoan Nick Gravenites remains an instrumental because Janis never got the chance to record the lead vocal. We listened to Side 1 today, full of instant Joplin classics like “Move Over”, “Cry Baby”, “Half Moon” and “A Woman Left Lonely”.