Pete Townshend’s Who Came First

We finished up this morning with Pete Townshend, a week after his longtime band The Who performed live here in the Chicago area.

We featured Pete’s first solo effort, Who Came First, released in 1972 and the start of a long running solo career that has increased our appreciation of The Who’s guitarist and primary songwriter. Who Came First contains a variety of songs including several that were intended for a Who project entitled Lifehouse that never happened. Some of the Lifehouse songs ended up on Who’s Next while others surfaced on Odds And Sods.

Pete’s good friend Ronnie Lane from The Faces is also spotlighted with one of his own songs(“Evolution”)on Side 1 which is the one we heard today. We also listened to Pete’s solo versions of the two Lifehouse related songs, “Pure And Easy” and “Nothing Is Everything(Let’s See Action)”.