Remembering Bob Welch

Bob Welch passed away at his Nashville home last month(June, 2012) and we’re thinking about him this morning.

We first met Bob as lead guitarist for Fleetwood Mac in between the bluesy early days featuring Peter Green and their later superstardom with Lindsey Buckingham. Bob was in the band from mid 1971 through close to the end of ’74, participating in the recording of great sounding albums like Future Games, Bare Trees and Mystery to Me. We sometimes feature those records when we spotlight Fleetwood Mac on the Drive so this morning we decided to listen to a a side from Bob’s first solo album, French Kiss, released in 1977. Welch had success with this one, rising to #12 on the Billboard album chart and selling platinum on the strength of the top ten single, “Sentimental Lady”, a remake of a great song he originally contributed to Fleetwood Mac’s Bare Trees album. We listened to Side 2 of French Kiss, kicking off with another popular track from the album, “Ebony Eyes”.