The Beatles at Hollywood Bowl

We featured The Beatles yesterday morning and a relatively hard to find Capitol album of theirs, The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl presenting performances from August 23, 1964 and August 30, 1965. Under the supervision of longtime Beatles producer George Martin, songs from these concerts were remixed, remastered and then released on vinyl for the first time in 1977. This album was never released on compact disc when that format largely replaced vinyl.

As Martin points out in the liner notes, The Beatles’ live performances were almost always hampered by near constant screaming from the audience and the lack of any proper onstage monitor speakers so they could actually hear themselves, an essential component for any live performance. Still, the energy and excitement of these recordings are undeniable and we listened to Side 1 featuring songs like “Twist And Shout”, “Things We Said Today”, “Ticket To Ride” and a number of others.

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