The Drive’s Grand Slam

The Drive’s Grand Slam is back!

Beginning Monday, April 17th, listen weekday mornings to Sherman & Tingle at 8:20 to find out that day’s Grand Slam Artist of the Day.

When you hear a song by that artist in the hours of 9am, Noon, 3pm and 5pm, be caller 97 at 312-642-WDRV (9378) to claim some cash!

How much cash? If you hear a single (one hit) by the artist, you’ll score $100, a double (two songs in a row) wins you $200, a triple (3 tunes in a row) snags you $500, and a home run (4 songs in a row by that artist) puts $1,000 in your pocket!

Plus, every winner qualifies for a Classic 1978 Chevy Corvette courtesy of  Studio Hotrods!

It’s The Drive’s Grand Slam! We’re making all your Field of “Greens” come true on 97.1 FM The Drive – Chicago’s Classic Rock!

Click here for official rules.

Friday - June 9, 2017
STYX    Approximate Times: 9:00am, 12:28pm, 3:37pm and 5:00pm
Thursday - June 8, 2017
ROLLING STONES    Approximate Times: 9:16am, 12:28pm, 3:10pm and 5:23pm
Winners: Rick Brossard of Schaumburg ($500), Elise Bertuci of Chicago ($100), Jeff Henderson of Hickory Hills ($100) and Patty Lombardi of Lombard ($500)!
Wednesday - June 7, 2017
FLEETWOOD MAC    Approximate Times: 9:29am, 12:26pm, 3:34pm and 5:24pm
Winners: Terry Counley of McHenry ($200), Jeannette Grigas of Hammond ($500), Christopher Adelman of Lockport ($100) and Joe Coppotelli of Downers Grove ($500)!
Tuesday - June 6, 2017
AC/DC    Approximate Times: 9:04am, 12:24pm, 3:20pm and 5:00pm
Winners: Mark Anderson of Wheaton ($100), Char Carlson of Wheatfield ($100), Steve Regovic of Chicago ($1,000) and Greg Rickert ($200)!
Monday - June 5, 2017
QUEEN    Approximate Times: 9:14am, 12:10pm, 3:29pm and 5:47pm
Winners: Rachel Bleichner of Racine ($100), Tim Craig of Antioch ($100), Gary Vanderhill of Muskego, WI ($100) and Shauna West of Manhatton ($200)!
Friday - June 2, 2017
THE EAGLES    Approximate Times: 9:22am, 12:37pm, 3:17pm and 5:31pm
Winners: Kelly Shaw of Waukesha, WI ($1,000), Chris Cieniawa of Palatine ($100), Chris Marquadt of Moline ($200) and Marie Ciezczak of Chicago Ridge ($200)!
Thursday - June 1, 2017
VAN HALEN    Approximate Times: 9:08am, 12:28pm, 3:20pm and 5:00pm
Winners: Chuck Neace of Hammond ($200), Tracy Pennington of McHenry ($200), Doreen Poole of Whiting, IN ($200) and Joann Hamm of Schaumburg ($1,000)!
Wednesday - May 31, 2017
TOM PETTY    Approximate Times: 9:28am, 12:00pm, 3:24pm and 5:40pm
Winners: Sandy Warren of Sandwich ($100), Tom Trull of Hickory Hills ($200), Sue Szykowny of Oak Lawn ($100) and Steve Alexander of Kenosha ($500)!
Tuesday - May 30, 2017
THE WHO    Approximate Times: 9:19am, 12:26pm, 3:27pm and 5:18pm
Winners: Steve Bleichner of Racine ($100), Kim Willis of Pleasant Prairie ($200), Pat Sweeney of Lake Villa ($100) and Pattie Olsen of Burnham ($1,000)!
Friday - May 26, 2017
THE DOORS    Approximate Times: 9:09am, 12:05pm, 3:27pm and 5:00pm
Winners: Kim Slabik of Lombard ($1,000), George Mrak of Highland, IN ($100), Sharon Staninger of Highland, IN ($500) and Sam Nirva of Elk Grove Village ($200)!
Thursday - May 25, 2017
BOSTON    Approximate Times: 9:38am, 12:27pm, 3:19pm and 5:42pm
Winners: Rhett Deckert of Lake Villa ($100), Diane Henning of Burlington ($200), Charlene Murray of Arlington Heights ($200) and Debrah Hartman of Des Plaines ($200)!
Wednesday - May 24, 2017
THE POLICE    Approximate Times: 9:08am, 12:18pm, 3:35pm and 5:10pm
Winners: Anthony Gordon of Wheaton ($200), Susan Harper of Burlington, WI ($1,000), Marty Schwartz of East Troy ($100) and Mary Ann Harrelson of St. Charles ($200)!
Tuesday - May 23, 2017
STEVE MILLER BAND    Approximate Times: 9:19am, 12:18pm, 3:07pm and 5:45pm
Winners: John Perez of Racine ($100), John O'Brien of Grayslake ($200), Mary Levato of Chicago ($100) and Andy Kulik of La Grange Park ($500)!
Monday - May 22, 2017
AEROSMITH    Approximate Times: 9:05am, 12:09pm, 3:21pm and 5:21pm
Winners: Yolanda Krueger of Kenosha ($100), Roy Barutzke of Sping Grove ($100), Sherry Neuens of Monee ($1,000) and Therese Czarnecki of Homer Glen ($200)!
Friday - May 19, 2017
BEATLES    Approximate Times: 9:36am, 12:28pm, 3:29pm and 5:00pm
Winners: Dave Hernandez of Fox Lake ($200), Lou Neel of Romeoville ($500), Merilee Rickert of East Troy ($200) and Art Van Deven of McHenry ($1,000)!
Thursday - May 18, 2017
PINK FLOYD    Approximate Times: 9:09am, 12:20pm, 3:32pm and 5:21pm
Winners: Jessica Collins of Hammond, IN ($100), Christine Scrivner of Round Lake Park ($100), Dan Bartnicki of Hoffman Estates ($200) and Candy Jones of Hammond, IN ($200)!
Wednesday - May 17, 2017
JOHN MELLENCAMP    Approximate Times: 9:20am, 12:33pm, 3:34pm and 5:29pm
Winners: Pat Janke of Griffith ($500), Bruce Cleveland of New Lenox ($100), John Slager of Lansing ($100) and Frank Cesare of Hoffman Estates ($500)!
Tuesday - May 16, 2017
LED ZEPPELIN    Approximate Times: 9:29am, 12:19pm, 3:21pm and 5:00pm
Winners: Robert Strelzyk of Chicago ($100), Michael Lipinski of Mount Prospect ($1,000), Kate Feledy of Crete ($200) and Kim Navis of Racine ($100)!
Monday - May 15, 2017
ERIC CLAPTON    Approximate Times: 9:35am, 12:00pm, 3:28pm and 5:00pm
Winners: Rick May of Elgin ($200), Bernice Barnick of La Grange ($500), Nancy Wojtowicz of Twin Lakes ($200) and Lori Vrablic of Chicago ($500)!
Friday - May 12, 2017
TOM PETTY    Approximate Times: 9:00am, 12:19pm, 3:25pm and 5:43pm
Winners: John Surprenant of Kankakee ($200), Debra Ramirez of Addison ($1,000), Gary Gifford of Bradley ($200) and Ken Hampe of Lake Zurich ($500)!
Thursday - May 11, 2017
QUEEN    Approximate Times: 9:25am, 12:30pm, 3:23pm and 5:24pm
Winners: Greg Aitken of Glencoe ($200), Charles Russell, Jr. of Elgin ($200), Adriana Gonzales of Chicago ($200) and Anthony Browne of Arlington Heights ($1,000)!
Wednesday - May 10, 2017
LYNYRD SKYNYRD    Approximate Times: 9:06am, 12:22pm, 3:24pm and 5:00pm
Winners: Rick Vrablic of Chicago ($100), Benjamin Michalak of Valpo ($ 1,000), Kathy Gonzales of Oak Lawn ($100) and Anibal Madina of Elmwood Park ($500)!
Tuesday - May 9, 2017
JOURNEY    Approximate Times: 9:39am, 12:34pm, 3:18pm and 5:40pm
Winners: Tom Rolfson of Racine ($100), Denis Holmes of Chicago ($100), Janice Recio of Palos Park ($200) and Carol Rimovsky of Merrionette Park ($500)!
Monday - May 8, 2017
AC/DC    Approximate Times: 9:08am, 12:27pm, 3:31pm and 5:16pm
Winners: Theresa Meske of Franklin Park ($500), Pam Bloomquist of Sheldon ($100) and Terry Kazupski of Chicago ($1,000)!
Friday - May 5, 2017
JIMI HENDRIX    Approximate Times: 9:09am, 12:46pm, 3:08pm and 5:26pm
Winners: Greg Dunow of Kenosha ($200), Steve Polcyn of Chicago ($100), Jerry Fouts of Oak Forest ($100) and Mitch Szeszycki of Chicago ($500)!
Thursday - May 4, 2017
THE CARS    Approximate Times: 9:26am, 12:25pm, 3:24pm and 5:44pm
Winners: Gary Watermann of Chicago ($100), Sue Rasnak of Glenwood ($1,000), Tom Greaney of Flossmoor ($200) and Tom Robinson of Trevor, WI ($200)!
Wednesday - May 3, 2017
ROLLING STONES    Approximate Times: 9:12am, 12:29pm, 3:23pm and 5:00pm
Winners: Laura Willers of Des Plaines ($100), Veronica Payne of Chicago ($200), Brenda Zaucha of Bloomingdale ($100) and Curt Nilsen of Hampshire ($500)!
Tuesday - May 2, 2017
EAGLES    Approximate Times: 9:23am, 12:18pm, 3:28pm and 5:20pm
Winners: Scott Dutton of Elmwood Park ($200), Linda Moruzzi of Alsip ($200), Bob Eaton of Union Mills ($100) and Mark Kuta of Tinley Park ($1,000)
Monday - May 1, 2017
CCR    Approximate Times: 9:28am, 12:34pm, 3:33pm and 5:00pm
Winners: Wendy Curelo of Spring Grove ($100), Lynn Voss of Lemont ($200), Cassie Godlad of Waukesha, WI ($100) and Ruth Mahler of Schaumburg ($200)!
Friday - April 28, 2017
VAN HALEN    Approximate Times: 9:05am, 12:31pm, 3:33pm and 5:11pm
Winners: Gary Mackowiak of Crystal Lake ($200), Ted Karp of Westchester ($100), Octavio Soto of Franklin Park ($100) and Jon Tarter of Waukegan ($500)!
Thursday - April 27, 2017
THE BEATLES    Approximate Times: 9:39am, 12:29pm, 3:28pm and 5:25pm
Winners: Mike Mowatt of Mokena ($200), Gary Harper of Burlington, WI ($200), Juan Arjon of Racine, WI ($500) and Jim Mahler of Oak Park ($1,000)!
Wednesday - April 26, 2017
BAD COMPANY    Approximate Times: 9:10am, 12:06pm, 3:08pm and 5:07pm
Winners: Debbie Wolf of Antioch ($200), Tim Spear of Round Lake Beach ($100), Kristene Borsodi of Valpo ($100) and Jim Balla of Gurnee ($1,000)!
Tuesday - April 25, 2017
FLEETWOOD MAC    Approximate Times: 9:21am, 12:28pm, 3:39pm and 5:26pm
Winners: Judy Navigar of Des Plaines ($200), Susan Schergen of Romeoville ($200), Mike Tolf of Elburn ($100) and Renee Graves-Ford of Matteson ($500)!
Monday - April 24, 2017
LED ZEPPELIN    Approximate Times: 9:20am, Noon, 3:24pm and 5:00pm
Winners: Steve Meitner of Sturtevant, WI ($500), Craig Spahr of Chicago ($100), Derk Poort of Lowell, IN ($1,000) and Phil Wendt of Hanover Park ($200)!
Friday - April 21, 2017
BOB SEGER    Approximate Times: 9:17am, 12:09pm 3:21pm and 5:06pm
Winners: Rachel Vera of Crystal Lake ($100), Jake Findley of Valpo ($100), Mark Caldwell of Beach Park ($500) and Kathy Domian of Spring Grove ($200)!
Thursday - April 20, 2017
THE DOORS    Approximate Times: 9:16am, 12:27pm, 3:20pm and 5:17pm
Winners: Jim Luptak of Ringwood ($100), Dawn McFadden of Hickory Hills ($200), Patti Karl of Chicago ($200) and Cheryl Shimkus of Chicago ($1,000)!
Wednesday - April 19, 2017
ELTON JOHN    Approximate Times: 9:18am, 12:08am, 3:38pm and 5:41pm
Winners: Lupe Martinez of Chicago ($500), Doug Dunford of Kenosha ($100), Lupe Cantu of Hainesville ($100) and Lorene Ward ($500)!
Tuesday - April 18, 2017
AEROSMITH    Approximate Times: 9:00am, 12:28pm, 3:33pm and 5:15pm
Winners: Ron Zaremba of Mt. Prospect ($100), Mark Jambrek of Kenosha ($200), Trent Callo of Lake Zurich ($100) and Donna Kuxhause of Des Plaines ($1,000)!
Monday - April 17, 2017
FOREIGNER    Approximate Times: 9:15am, 12:20pm, 3:33pm and 5:10pm
Winners: Vince Stevens of Villa Park ($200), John Massman of Antioch ($500), Greg Wilmington of Posen ($200) and Kara Wehrs of Hampshire ($500)!