Yardbirds featuring Jeff Beck

This morning we finished up our week of Overnight Album Sides with one of the truly influential bands of rock, not in terms of commercial success but because The Yardbirds introduced us to THREE of rock’s greatest guitarists: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page.

Today, March 13th marks the anniversary of Jeff Beck taking over as lead guitarist for the band after Clapton left in 1965. We have Jeff’s first full album with The Yardbirds which was also the first record of theirs to feature all original songs. This lp was released in the U.S. as Over, Under, Sideways, Down in 1966; in the U.K., it had a different cover and title, Roger the Engineer. We listened to Side 1 which featured “Lost Woman”(later covered by Joe Walsh with The James Gang) and a rare Jeff Beck lead vocal on “The Nazz Are Blue”. Original members Jim McCarty and Chris Dreja still play under the Yardbirds banner and have released several cds in recent years.