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Axl Rose shares Election Day poem encouraging voting

Mark Horton/Getty Images

Axl Rose has shared a statement encouraging fans to vote today, Election Day.

The statement is presented in the form of a poem, with the Guns N’ Roses frontman offering different reasons to vote in each stanza.

“VOTE/For The Future/Of Our Country/Our Planet/Your Planet/This Planet/The Only Planet We Have,” Rose writes.

Rose has been more politically vocal in recent years, and has been critical of President Donald Trump and his administration.

“In general my posts in regard to current events, politics or social issues [are] usually coming from a sense of outrage, obligation n’ responsibility to say something at times when I feel not to is being complicit (as opposed to a desire for attention or self promotion),” Rose previously wrote in a statement defending his right to speak out.

Here is Axl Rose’s entire Election Day poem:

Whatever It Takes

Take A Side
Make A Stand

With Courage
In The Face Of Fear
And Intimidation

Through All The Noise
And Distractions

For The Country
For A Better World

For The Future
Of Our Country
Our Planet
Your Planet
This Planet
The Only Planet We Have

For Those Who Fought,
Suffered And Died
To Create And Protect
Your Right To Vote

For Loved Ones
For You
And For US
Together As One
And If It Helps…

Vote Knowing There Are Those
Hoping, Praying N’ Counting On
You Won’t
And Would Do Virtually ANYTHING
They Thought They Could Get Away With
To Stop You


By Josh Johnson
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