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Badfinger's Joey Molland releases star-studded, Beatles-influenced new solo album today

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If you want Badfinger singer/guitarist Joey Molland‘s new solo album, Be True to Yourself, come and get it! The 10-track collection, on which Molland collaborated with veteran producer/songwriter Mark Hudson, was released today.

As a Liverpool native and a member the first group The Beatles signed to Apple Records, Molland has deep connections to the Fab Four, while Hudson frequently collaborated with Ringo Starr, so it’s no surprise that Be True to Yourself is heavily Beatles influenced.

“I had all the same influences of Beatles,” Molland explains to ABC Audio. “And when I was with Apple Records with Badfinger, that’s why they asked us to come and play and sing, I think. Because we knew all the songs that they were talking about, and all the songs that their songs were based on.”

The album features several interesting guest artists, including The MonkeesMicky Dolenz, ex-Chicago singer/bassist Jason Scheff, Julian Lennon and former Wings drummer Steve Holley.

Molland recruited Dolenz and Scheff when they all took part in a 2019 tour celebrating The Beatles’ “White Album.”

“[Dolenz] was nice enough to come along and sing harmonies and oohs and aahs,” Joey notes. “[H]e’s funny, he’s really entertaining, he’s a great guy, and to have him on my record, I’m really proud.”

Molland says he was blown away with Scheff’s vocals.

“[A] lot of the songs he sang high harmonies for us,” Joey points out. “Just a great singer. Right in tune. Two takes, you’re done.”

Regarding Lennon, who’s good friends with Hudson, Molland says, “[H]e came and sang harmony with us…He’s a very nice bloke, and super talented.”

As for Holley, Molland says, “He’s a fantastic drummer,” while praising his “groove,” “power” and “stability.”

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By Matt Friedlander
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