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Brian May shares fan art inspired by his recent knighthood

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Denis Pellerin

As previously reported, Brian May was knighted as part of the 2023 New Year’s Honours List, the first from King Charles. Well, the new honor apparently inspired a lot of fan art, and the Queen guitarist was so flattered by it he couldn’t help but share some of his favorites.

May posted two carousels of knight-inspired artwork from fans, writing, “THANKS to all of you who have so kindly supported me on this new journey. I love ALL ‘my’ artists, and friends, and this is just a selection of your lovely messages which made me smile.” 

He also cautioned some fans whose art may have not made the post. “If you find yourself saying ‘my stuff is more worthy than his, or hers – it should have been ME who got that attention, or success, or glory’ … take a good long look deep inside,” he writes. “A good friend of mine had a favourite phrase … so true … he said simply ‘Talent will Out.’ That friend was Freddie Mercury.”

Finally, May shared, “Don’t let envy, or jealousy, or insecurity drain your power. Just work towards your vision. If you want it enough, you will find it. The more generosity you put out, the more will come back to you.”

Check out the artwork here and here.

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