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David Gilmour says he’s working on a new solo album he hopes to release “within a year or two”

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In a new Rolling Stone interview, Pink Floyd singer/guitarist David Gilmour revealed that he’s working on a new solo album.

During the conversation, which also included Gilmour’s wife, author/lyricist Polly Samson, David announced, “I am trying to make some music.”

Gilmour’s most recent release was a Leonard Cohen-inspired acoustic song called “Yes, I Have Ghosts” that David wrote and released in conjunction with Samson’s 2020 novel A Theater for Dreamers.

Asked if the material for his upcoming project also was influenced by Cohen, Gilmour said, “Well, there’s a number of things that come from before this whole period, from before my last album [2015’s Rattle that Lock], which are the things that I’m playing with to some extent, as well as some new music, too, to get myself back into the mood for work.”

As for when he expects to release the album, David said he hoped within “the next year or two.” He noted that because of the COVID-19 lockdown, “getting other people in to listen, to help, and to play on things has been kind of impossible in the last year.” He added, “I do look forward to actually playing some songs with a bunch of actual musicians at some point.”

Gilmour hinted that some of the new songs may bear some sonic resemblance to “Yes, I Have Ghosts,” a stripped-down acoustic tune that also features harp played by his daughter Romany.

“I think there’ll be more harp,” David admitted. “And the tricky bit will be how to tie all the various disparate sounds together into a homogenous whole.”

As for the prospect of touring again, Gilmour said that, in the wake of the pandemic, “we’ve got to let a little time pass” before he’d consider it.

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