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Elton John invites British students to his gig after they cover "I'm Still Standing"

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A group of students at a school in Telford, England, received a personal thank-you video message from Elton John after he ended up seeing socially distanced version of his hit “I’m Still Standing.”

The kids, who attend Telford Priory School in the western part of the U.K., made a video of themselves singing and performing the track using Zoom, under the direction of their music teacher, Ben Millington. While the clip doesn’t have that many views, Elton saw it because a musician friend sent it to him.

Millington then posted a video explaining that he’d received an email from Elton’s manager and husband, David Furnish, saying that Elton loved the clip and wanted to know more about it. Millington says he wrote back, explaining that he’d been trying to cheer the kids up amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elton responded by sending the kids a video message, and Millington posted footage of the students watching it; some are clearly freaking out.

“I looked at the clip and I was completely blown away. In fact, I watched it three times in a row because I couldn’t believe how good you sang and played it!” Elton gushes. “I mean, it’s not an easy song to sing and certainly not to play, so I just wanted to send you all my love…You really cheered me up.”

He continues, “I know it’s been a rotten time for all of you because everything’s been canceled because of coronavirus. But you did something brilliant.”

After saying that he hopes that music plays a big part in their future careers, Elton then extended an invitation.

“I promise you, when I come to England, after all this is over and actually play a gig, you can all be my guests at my show!” Elton says.

By Andrea Dresdale
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