Hubbard Helps: Chicago

Diabetes Beyond Numbers

One in 10 adults worldwide currently live with diabetes, an estimated 537 million people. Dr. Nuzhat Chalisa is making Diabetes management and updated diabetes information more accessible and understandable for those who have the disease . Dr. Chalisa is a Clinical Endocrinologist, Diabetes, and Obesity specialist, the Medical Director for Endocrinology and diabetes education at Morris hospital & health care center in Chicago, the Chair Elect for The American Diabetes Association Clinical Centers and Programs Leadership Team, and the President and Founder of the Kisat Diabetes Organization.
With us this morning to talk more about diabetes, her book “Diabetes Beyond Numbers: A Complete Guide to Understanding Diabetes Management”, and her tv show “Diabetes Beyond Numbers” airing Thursdays at 7pm Central on Bold Brave TV is Dr. Nuzhat Chalisa. 12/11/22