Behind The Song

How “Sweet Emotion” helped put Aerosmith on the Mount Rushmore of Rock

They’re not exactly as wholesome as apple pie, but they have been anointed “America’s Greatest Rock Band” for good reason. Aerosmith have sold more hard rock albums than any other American band, and they went from being an opening act to stadium headliners with the release of their third album, Toys In The Attic, released in 1975. The lead single from that album, “Sweet Emotion” marked important firsts: it was their first song to hit the Top 40 chart, and it was the first co-write credit that bassist Tom Hamilton got on the scoreboard. Steven Tyler’s lyrics are full of daggers aimed at Joe Perry’s then-girlfriend, and there is even a hidden message buried in the song. Dig in to the history of this classic tune in the new episode of the Behind The Song podcast.

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