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Ex-Journey frontman Steve Augeri releases new single, “Bated Breath,” from upcoming solo album

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Former Journey singer Steve Augeri has released a new single titled “Bated Breath,” a track from his forthcoming solo album, Seven Ways ‘Til Sunday.

The heartfelt ballad is available now via digital platforms, while a lyric video for the song has premiered on Augeri’s official YouTube channel.

Augeri, who sang with Journey from 1998 to 2006, co-wrote the music for “Bated Breath” with Craig Pullman and Adam Holland, while the lyrics were co-written with Susan Piazza.

“[W]e knew we were onto something very special because the goal for me was to have the lyrics match or surpass what I felt we had achieved musically,” Steve says about the writing of “Bated Breath.” “Dare I say it, but Susan added the ‘woman’s touch’ and another important perspective to the narrative elevating the song to a whole ‘nother level that would have been unattainable without her input.”

He adds, “I had those all important goosebumps because in my experience writing with the likes of [Journey’s] Jon Cain and Neal Schon, that any less than our very best was no longer good enough. You had to reach for the Moon.”

Seven Ways ‘Til Sunday is due out later this summer. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Augeri said of the record, “I put together an album that I’m super psyched about. More than anything ever, I feel like I’ve found my voice. I don’t think I’ll get the comparisons to Steve Perry. As wonderful a compliment as that is, I feel like I finally found something that sounds like me both writing-wise and performance-wise.”

“Bated Breath” is the second advance track that’s been released from Seven Ways ‘Til Sunday following “If You Want,” which arrived in February.

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