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Ex-Yes singer Jon Anderson releases video for new protest song encouraging people to vote

Credit: Tami Freed

Former Yes frontman Jon Anderson has released a video for a new version of a song called “Go Screw Yourself” that he hopes will inspire people to vote for a change of leadership in the U.S.

Anderson says he originally wrote the song after the 2012 school shootings in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, in response to the lack of action with regard to gun control, as well as in reaction to widespread reports of priests molesting children without facing major consequences, and other issues that upset him.

“So now is the perfect time for the song to be heard and seen,” Jon writes. “[W]e are at a breaking point with a mad man in charge of this amazing country…..we must change our being to help the world heal.”

Lyrically, the song rails against corrupt politicians, corporate greed, religious hypocrisy and more, punctuated with the chanted chorus, “Go and screw yourself!”

The video for “Go Screw Yourself (Election Edition)” can be viewed now on YouTube. It features footage of Anderson singing and playing guitar superimposed over a dizzying montage of images and film clips, including pics of President Trump, Vladimir Putin, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, groups of protesters, Native Americans, guns and rainbow flags. As the clip ends, the words “VOTE NOW” appear in front of a spinning depiction of the Earth being held in two hands.

Anderson’s most recent solo album, the star-studded 1000 Hands, got its wide label release this past July.

By Matt Friedlander
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