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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:        How do I find the name and/or artist for a particular song?

A:         Our website features a music log which will allow you to find the name of and/or the artist for a particular song. These logs list every song played for the current & previous 29 days in chronological order. Visit WDRV Music Log or Deep Tracks Music Log.


Q:        How do I contact the station?

A:         You may send us feedback and comments or send individual members of the staff an email


Q:        How do I change my Drive Nation contact information?

A:         You can change your information by visiting the Drive Nation on the website.
– Enter your current account e-mail address and password into the field provided.
– Click the “Log In” button.
– Click on “Edit Account”.
– Put your new email address into the ‘Email’ field on the page and click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.


Q:        How do I advertise with The Drive?

A:         You may contact our Sales Department at 312.274.9710 or simply visit our Contact Us page to e-mail a member of sales management.