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Igloo coolers inspired by The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine animated film available now

Courtesy of Igloo

Beatles fans who think they have all they need when it comes to Fab Four collectibles may want think again, now that the Igloo company has just introduced a new collection of Yellow Submarine-themed coolers.

Igloo’s “The Beatles Yellow Submarine Playmate Collection” features three different versions of the company’s seven-quart “Little Playmate” cooler, each one inspired by a scene, imagery or characters from the band’s classic 1968 animated movie.

One design, not surprisingly, resembles the Yellow Submarine itself, and features cartoon depictions of all four Beatles peeking out of the craft’s round windows near the top of the cooler.

A second design, called the “All You Need Is Love Little Playmate,” features images of The Beatles standing in a colorful psychedelic scene that includes the title of the group’s classic song “All You Need Is Love” in big block letters.

The third cooler, dubbed the “Blue Meanies Little Playmate,” boasts images of the blue-colored music-hating villains of Yellow Submarine, as well as of the eccentric, brainy character Jeremy Hillary Boob, who befriends The Beatles during the movie.

The coolers are available for purchase now at, and are priced at $39.99.

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