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John Fogerty, Doobie Brother John McFee planning to stay home for Thanksgiving amid the pandemic

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Nela Koenig; ABC Audio

Thanksgiving takes place on Thursday, and for a lot of people, this year’s holiday will feature smaller gatherings than usual because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

John Fogerty, who this past Friday released a new album called Fogerty’s Factory that he recorded with his three youngest children, tells ABC Audio that he’ll be spending Thanksgiving with those kids — sons Shane and Tyler, and daughter Kelsy — and his wife, Julie.

“[W]e’re not having a big 30-person group at all,” the ex-Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman notes. “It’s just our core family…I mean, it’s just a big time for us to be together.”

As for whether he’s planning to have a Fogerty’s Factory-style jam with his children during the holiday, John quips, “I’ll be holding a drumstick…a turkey [leg].”

As previously reported, Fogerty’s Factory is a 12-track collection made up mostly of new versions of CCR songs and selections from John’s solo career recorded live by John, Shane, Tyler and Kelsy in and around the Fogerty residence.

Meanwhile, The Doobie BrothersJohn McFee, who was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame earlier this month with the band, tells ABC Audio that he also plans to have a quiet Thanksgiving at home.

“So many years, I’m not actually home, at Thanksgiving and even sometimes Christmas or New Year’s,” he points out, because The Doobies often are touring at this time. “But this year, I’ll be home for the holidays, I believe.”

He adds, “[M]y kids and grandkids live close enough that I can maybe see them. But…when we do see them, we’ve been doing it outdoors and with masks and distancing, and we can’t hug. Thank you, people that maybe could have done more to keep this pandemic under control.”

By Matt Friedlander
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