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Jon Bon Jovi is praying for a "free and fair election" that's "the voice of the people"

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Jon Bon Jovi has stumped for Joe Biden, which earned him some insults from President Donald Trump. But the rocker — whose latest album, Bon Jovi 2020, includes several songs with a political bent — says ultimately, all he really wants is for the “voice of the people” to be heard.

Speaking to the British publication Music Week in an interview published today, Election Day, Jon says, “The only thing I pray for is that there is a real and fair election and that it’s not manipulated by either side. Because once the voice of the nation speaks, they’ll determine who they want to be.”

He adds, “All I can do is hope that people really pay attention this time. So many people didn’t even vote last time, which is astounding to me. I can only hope that they get out there this time.”

As for the results, Jon notes, “If, in a free and fair election [Trump] wins again, it’s what America wanted. We’ll see. If that’s the voice of the people, that’s the voice of the people.”

But in general, Jon is upset about the deep divisions that currently exist between red and blue in our country, which he says means that people are “unwilling to have a conversation, and both sides create their narrative.”

“When I grew up, we had three networks, they reported the news to you in half an hour and that was what the news was, nightly. They were the headlines and nothing but the truth,” he recalls.

“But now you spin it far left and you spin it far right and the people who watch it are brainwashed by both sides,” Bon Jovi complains. “There is no ability to have a conversation and it is scary, scary, scary.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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