Led Zeppelin 2

Their first album, released in early 1969 introduced us to this new musical force known as Led Zeppelin and their groundbreaking sound; Led Zeppelin II which came out later the same year made the band a near household word mostly through touring, FM radio airplay and word of mouth. We’d already heard a lot of great rock guitar from Hendrix, Beck and Clapton by that point but Jimmy Page’s sound was a step beyond, unrelenting and hard, big enough to inspire a whole genre of rock, “heavy metal”. Of course, the next moment Page could pull out his acoustic guitar and play something folky and pretty, inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell. It’s also easy to forget how shocking and different Robert Plant’s voice was…high, almost feminine and able to wail when he wanted. We listened to Side 1 of LZ II this morning. We’ll finish up the week tomorrow with a rarely heard side from the American r&b/rock duo Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett who mentored Eric Clapton among others.

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