Is your commute ruined by the moron in the car in front of you in Chicagoland traffic???
Doing everything you can behind the wheel not to totally lose your mind???

Sometimes you just need to vent…screamyellLET IT ALL OUT!!!!

Sherman & Tingle to the rescue!

Dial the “Life In The Crap Lane” Hotline right now and let it fly! Scream, swear, lose it any way you need to!
Call from the road, 312-274-1434 and go nuts!!


Open the Drive APP, go to FEEDBACK, click on “Send Audio”, choose “Life In The Crap Line” and get all your frustrations out!!

Sherman & Tingle will play the best ones on the air every week, so keep em coming!

Life in the Crap Lane. “Surely make ya lose your mind!”