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Mariah Carey shares throwback video of herself exercising in stilettos, Kerry Washington suggests Nike partnership

Jackson Lee/GC Images

If you ever happen to forget that Mariah Carey is a true diva, here’s your reminder that she’s the woman who works out in stilettos — sort of.

The “We Belong Together” star shared a throwback MTV commercial she shot in the late 2000’s where she’s seen working out in high heels alongside her beloved Jack Russell terrier JJ on dual treadmills.

When one of her heels breaks during the intense workout, her butler delivers another one so she can resume her exercises. During the bizarre promo, she also says she’ll never work out in exercise-appropriate footwear because, quote, “Sneakers sound disgusting!”

Kerry Washington reacted by tweeting, “for real @Nike x @MariahCarey should come out with a line of running heels.”  To which Mariah replied, “Come through @Nike listen to Olivia Pope!”

The commercial was part of a series Mimi filmed for MTV that focused around her hilarious conversations with JJ, who was voiced by Snoop Dogg.  It was inspired by Mariah’s infamous 2002 Cribs episode, during which she showed off the VersaClimber in her home gym while wearing diamond-studded black satin stilettos.

That one shot sparked a recurring joke that has lasted decades, in which Mariah poses or share videos of herself burning calories while wearing ultra-expensive high heels.  In 2017, she clarified that she does not, in reality, exercise in heels.

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