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Megadeth's Dave Mustaine wants next album to be "as heavy and brutal" as possible

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Credit: Jeremy Saffer

Megadeth has been working on a new album to follow 2016’s Dystopia. Speaking to ABC Audio, frontman Dave Mustaine uses all the words metalheads want to hear when describing the forthcoming material.

“I’m gonna try and make these songs as heavy and as brutal as I possibly can,” Mustaine declares.

He adds, “We’re all pretty excited about the music, because it’s really aggressive.”

In fact, the music is so heavy and brutal and aggressive that the recording process has taken a physical toll on Mustaine’s hands, leading him to get an X-ray to make sure everything’s OK.

“I used to always watch [ex-Megadeth guitarist] Marty [Friedman] and those guys take real good care of their hands and their arms and [Slayer‘s] Kerry King stretch his neck and his head out and stuff like that, and I never really gave it any thought,” Mustaine says.

“Boy, I’ll tell you what, it’s a lot smarter than it appears,” he adds. “My hat’s off to them for taking good care of themselves.” 

While you wait for the new Megadeth album to arrive, you can learn about the story behind one of the band’s most beloved albums in Rust in Peace, Mustaine’s new memoir about the 1990 record of the same name.

By Josh Johnson
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