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Not one more night: Phil Collins' ex-wife agrees to leave his Miami mansion

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Phil Collins and his ex-wife Orianne Cevey will soon be once again living “Separate Lives”: They appear, “Against All Odds,” to have come to an agreement in the eviction lawsuit he filed against her and her new husband.

Phil’s attorney told Page Six that Cevey and her husband, Thomas Bates, have agreed to move out of Phil’s Miami mansion by mid-January.  Phil and Orianne, who divorced in 2008, had been living together after reconciling a few years ago — but she then reportedly ran off to Las Vegas and married Bates without telling Phil. 

When Phil told her to leave the home, allegedly the couple refused, and, according to Phil, staged armed guards around the property and changed the security codes.

Phil’s attorney said Orianne’s actions were an attempt to “hold [the singer’s] house as hostage to leverage a settlement during a protracted court case.”

Phil plans to retrieve his valuable personal possessions from the home and sell the property, but Orianne still claims a 50% interest in the property.  That lawsuit will continue.

By Andrea Dresdale
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