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The Sherman & Tingle Show

Were you pulled over while you were speeding to work? Did you wake up late and miss your favorite segment? No worries! Stay up to speed with The Sherman & Tingle Show, now on-demand. Check out what you missed or want to hear again here! Tune in weekday mornings from 5:30 - 9 a.m. on 97.1 FM The Drive, Chicago’s Classic Rock.

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75 Years Of Sue!!! The Sherman and Tingle Show

It’s Sue Sherman’s Birthday and Sherman and his dad have a little something special for her with…. “75 Years Of Sue!!”
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Two boys and a wife who knows more about sports than he does.

Two daughters and a wife who loves to shop. In other words, BROKE.

Both though are passionate about their teams. For Sherman, it’s the Cubs. For Tingle, it’s the Sox. The one thing they agree on? Blackhawks baby!

You will find Sherman in the town of Gilberts, working on his Jeep in the garage while Tingle will be in Naperville getting injured at the local gym. If they are not there, Sherman is most likely drinking beers with one of the neighbors while listening to either one of his favorites: Pink Floyd, Tom Petty or Eric Clapton. Tingle will most likely be at his local bar, rocking out to Rush or Van Halen while watching his fantasy football team get crushed.

Jill Egan?

Jill lives where she grew up, in the Southwest suburbs, with her husband and 2 grammar school aged kids. She’s a Columbia College graduate, and has been working in Chicago radio for 20 years. She’s a lifelong White Sox fan, from a large Southside Irish family of loud people, who like to drink and laugh. She likes to cook for her family, and tries to eat healthy. Jill’s into fitness, likes to do hot yoga, run, and hike outdoors, and her kids tag along from time to time. Her family is in the midst of renovating her home, one room at a time, and while she enjoys choosing all the finishes and details, she’s not enjoying the constant layer of construction dust which has become a fixture in her busy household. Jill also has a personal blog,, where she covers a variety of topics, from arts and crafts, to rants about oversharing on social media, and shares images of what she wears, when she fills in occasionally on local TV News programs.

Rachel Kelso?

730SecondSongChallenge19-660x350 97.1 FM The Drive’s Sherman & Tingle put your Classic Rock knowledge to the test with “The 7:30 Song Challenge!” Here’s how it works: Each weekday morning at 7:30, call Sherman & Tingle at 312-642-WDRV (9378.) They’ll hit you with seven Classic Rock songs. Correctly identify the titles of all seven songs within 30 seconds and you’ll be crowned the King/Queen of Classic Rock and score a pair of concert tickets to one of the best Classic Rock shows in the Chicago area! It’s Sherman & Tingle’s “7:30 Song Challenge” exclusively on 97.1 FM The Drive – Chicago’s Classic Rock!

5 Songs at 8:05 Daily