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Sammy Hagar & The Circle play Van Halen's "Right Now" in latest their "Lockdown Sessions" video

Credit: Leah Steiger

Sammy Hagar and his band The Circle tackle the 1991 Van Halen gem “Right Now” in the eighth installment of their “Lockdown Sessions” series of remotely recorded performance videos, which you can watch at the Red Rocker’s YouTube channel.

The series has been featuring Hagar, bassist Michael Anthony, drummer Jason Bonham and guitarist Vic Johnson playing various songs remotely as they self-isolate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a message accompanying the “Right Now” clip, Hagar writes, “When I wrote this song with Eddie Van Halen over 30 years ago I had no idea it would be so relevant today.” He also includes the hashtags #LetTheMusicDoTheTalking, #StopTheViolence and #GivePeaceAChance.

In other news, Sammy recorded a video message directed at Tam High School’s Class of 2020 for their virtual graduation ceremony this past week, and he shared the clip on his official website and YouTube channel. The school, from which his daughter graduated last year, is located in Hagar’s adopted hometown of Mill Valley, California.

In the video, Hagar congratulates the students for graduating under difficult circumstances because of the coronavirus crisis, since the teens had to take the classes remotely and weren’t able to have a traditional graduation ceremony.

“Don’t ever be afraid to take a step from here on out,” Sammy says. “Make a decision, find out what you want, and then go get it, ’cause you can. If you can dream it, if you can think it, you can do it. And don’t let anyone ever tell you you can’t.”

He adds, “Hopefully, you can make good decisions, and change some of the things that have been wrong for a long time. Don’t be prejudiced, don’t hate. Let’s fix the homeless problem in this country. There’s no reason why people should be hungry in this country.”

By Matt Friedlander
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