The Drive’s A to Z Game is back!

You’ll have a chance to score at least $1,000 (but most likely more) in cash 5 times a day!

How do you play? It’s easy as A, B, C
(A)  When you hear the cue to call weekdays at around 7:10am, 11:10am, 3:10pm, 4:10pm and 5:10pm, be caller nine (9) at 312-642-WDRV (9378)
(B)  Guess The Drive’s A to Z Mystery Artist. It could be any Classic Rocker between the “A” of AC/DC and the “Z” of ZZ Top.
(C)  If you guess the correct Mystery Artist, you WIN AT LEAST $1,000 (but probably more)!
(D)  If you don’t guess correctly, we let you know if the artist is “closer to A” or “closer to Z.” You’ll need to listen every day to help narrow it down to the correct letter and artist.
(E)  And get this, for every missed guess, we’ll add $100 to the jackpot!
(F)  And even better, no matter how much money is in the jackpot, we’ll add an extra $1,000 at around 3:10pm each Thursday and Friday!
(G)  If we get several incorrect guesses, you could have a chance to win thousands of dollars in A to Z Cash!


Play The Drive’s A to Z Music & Money Game™ with 97.1 FM The Drive – Chicago’s Classic Rock!

NOTE: The “the” or “a” in front of a band name does NOT count (e.g. “Rolling Stones” will be the letter “R” and NOT the letter T in “The Rolling Stones”). Bands are first letters of the band name (e.g. letter “V” for Van Halen); artists are the first letter of their LAST name (e.g., letter “J” for Elton John). It will always be the artist’s stage name, not the name they were born with. Also, we will not use artists that begin with numbers (e.g. .38 Special).

Click here for official game rules.