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Todd Rundgren says new single, "Espionage," was a reaction to President Trump's threatened Muslim ban

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Todd Rundgren recently released the first single from his next studio album, Space Force, an electronic dance music-flavored track titled “Espionage” featuring Iraqi-Canadian hip-hop artist Narcy.

Rundgren tells ABC Audio that “Espionage” was recorded near the end of the sessions for his previous album, 2017’s White Knight, but he didn’t complete the track in time to include it on that record.

Todd explains that his collaboration with Narcy came about as a reaction to what he considered President Trump‘s villainization of immigrants and Muslims.

“There was talk about a Muslim ban, and I thought, ‘I gotta get a Muslim voice on my record right away,'” Rundgren recalls. “I had someone helping me with my artist outreach, and she suggested Narcy, and I contacted him and he was open. He didn’t know who I was either, so we kind of started on a level playing field.”

Since making “Espionage,” Todd says he’s kept in touch with Narcy and he made “some contributions to some of his recordings.” A video for the tune is expected out soon.

Rundgren says he originally planned to release Space Force earlier this year, but had to postpone the album because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

His plan now is to release a few tracks from Space Force as singles first, and he also will be putting out a Christmas single this year. He expects the album to arrive “sometime in the first half of next year.”

Like White Knight, Space Force will feature Rundgren collaborating with a different guest artist on each track. The next two planned singles will feature Weezer‘s Rivers Cuomo and veteran indie-rock duo Sparks.

Todd confirms that the other artists who will appear on the record include Neil Finn of Crowded House, Thomas Dolby and The Roots.

By Matt Friedlander
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