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Watch Styx's Tommy Shaw get inducted into White Castle's Cravers Hall of Fame today

Tommy Shaw and Danny Zelisko; Courtesy of White Castle

Styx may not have been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but one of its main members, singer/guitarist Tommy Shaw, is set to be welcomed today into another hallowed, if not quite as famous, institution: White Castle’s Cravers Hall of Fame.

The honor celebrates people with a historic passion for White Castle’s signature small-sized burgers, a.k.a. sliders.

Shaw, along with veteran concert promoter Danny Zelisko and late singer/songwriter John Prine, will be inducted into the Cravers Hall of Fame today during a socially distanced ceremony at a Nashville White Castle at 4 p.m. CT/5 p.m. ET. The event will be streamed live on White Castle’s official Facebook page. In addition, special interview segments with the honorees called “Inside the Cravers Studio” will be shown on the website.

Shaw, Zelisko and Prine’s widow, Fiona, are all expected to be in attendance.

Discussing his love of White Castle sliders, Shaw writes, “There were no White Castles in my hometown, Montgomery, Alabama when I was growing up there. I discovered them the first time I went to Chicago with my bandmates in MS Funk in the early ’70s. They were so satisfying! I could eat a bag full!”

Tommy adds, “My wife, Jeanne, and I live in Nashville now and it’s damn near impossible to pass our local White Castle on Thompson Road in Berry Hill without pulling into the drive thru and getting our regular double doubles with cheese, fries and a Dr. Pepper or shake. Life is too short, and they are exactly what we need when we need them. And now I want some! Gotta run!”

Other celebrities who previously were inducted into the Cravers Hall of Fame include Alice Cooper and the late Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee.

By Matt Friedlander
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